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Not every landscaping contractor in New York offers the garden designs you prefer. Hire Greener Gardens of New York, Inc. for beautiful rooftops and walkways.

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In New York City, landscaping adds so much-needed greenery that it helps balance out the surrounding concrete. Even when you don’t have a lot of outdoor space, you still have many options.  It takes an experienced commercial landscaping contractor to bring your ideas to life. That is why residents and business owners alike prefer our work!

Greener Gardens of New York, Inc. creates art that you can walk through. We offer amazing design, build, and hardscaping services that will suit anyone’s personal preference.

Improve your co-op or downtown commercial space with gorgeous New York landscaping. Your place doesn’t have to feel like it’s part of the concrete jungle when you hire us today.

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Homeowners and business owners alike have been counting on us since 1982. Today, you can still find us operating throughout the community wherever we are needed.

From downtown skyscrapers to ranch-style homes, you can rely on us. No matter where you need to have plants, turf, and hardscaping, hire our design team.

See why we are the best commercial landscaping contractor in NYC. We keep your job straightforward whenever you need us most. We also work in areas such as:

Wherever you need to have greener spaces and custom designs, we’re here for you. Contact us today to begin creating your personalized rooftop garden and park-like areas.

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Did you know that your rooftop garden can even fight pollution? They can also reduce the ambient heat in the area as well. Cooler buildings mean residents running their air conditioners less often. There are many benefits to having landscaping installed where you live as well as where you work.

Commercial areas will also notice the difference plants can make in the Big Apple. Contact our New York City landscaping team today for affordable solutions, such as:

Whatever service will improve your place the most, we offer it all at low costs. Hire us now to have customized gardens with amazing designs and building services.


Urban gardens are popular thanks to their many design elements. However, that doesn’t mean that all of the options available will work in your yard.

One of the first things to notice is if you have a view worth saving. When you overlook waterways or parks, you’re not going to want to obstruct the sight.  

Will you use the space for entertaining, relaxing, or for other activities? When you need elbow space or intend on exercising, you need short plants and hardscaping.  

A good rooftop garden is one that you never want to leave. No matter your design preferences, we can bring them all to life.

For such simple creations, a rooftop garden offers tons of benefits. Not only do they improve the appearance of your building, but it protects it as well.

Most rooftops are exposed to daily heat, sun, wind, and other elements. Soil, turf, and plants shield the surface from exposure, keeping it protected.

Your landscaping also helps to bring the temperature down in the area. Plus, the plants draw in CO2 and release oxygen, providing fresh air.

If the air always seems hazy around your building, you can improve it. Contact us at Greener Gardens of New York, Inc. for amazing garden designs.

One downside to a rooftop garden is getting carried away with new additions. Once it’s time to maintain the area, it can become challenging to navigate through.

Even hand tools, like weed whackers, need space to run safely without breaking things. They can sometimes throw rocks and debris, creating a hazard.

Installing plants that bear fruit is always a lovely addition. However, they can also become targets for birds and pests without proper care.

A garden doesn’t need to be challenging to maintain, but it can sometimes be troublesome if not done properly. Make sure you discuss your landscaping designs with our professional builders.

Our owner, Tom, founded the company over 30 years ago. Since then, we have completed countless gardens and professional landscaping projects.

As a local family-owned and operated brand, you can rely on us. Whether you live in the suburbs or the city, our designers are here for you.  Hire the #1 commercial landscaping contractor in New York!

We have always focused on creating works of art that you can walk through. From simple design elements to custom hardscaping options, we build them all.

You can find a variety of unique blueprints and designs or have us create one of your own personalized plans. Improve your building’s appearance with practical improvements for your outdoor areas.

Gardens are great DIY projects, but they aren’t always possible in the city. When living or working downtown, there are a variety of factors to consider.
First, how much your garden weighs plays a significant role in your design. Too much weight can create a safety hazard for those living below.
Local fire codes can also restrict what items we can include or not. Fire pits, BBQ grills, and space heaters aren’t always available for us to install as well.
Finally, how easy or challenging it is to keep up with is a primary factor. It’s hard to keep a garden under control when you can’t get the tools up there.

One of the best things about your new rooftop garden is the versatility. You can have designs you will love for years to come that are constructed in little time.

Whether they’re at the street level or above, we ensure that your garden reflects your style. Even without a lot of room, we can transform any outdoor area.

From contemporary designs to personalized options, we can apply them all. Contact us now to get the rooftop garden of your dreams, such as:

  • Intensive Gardens
  • Semi-Intensive Installations
  • Extensive Gardens
  • Container Gardens
  • Patio Garden
  • Outdoor Living Rooms
  • Wind-Resistant Plants
  • Landscaping Fountains
  • Ground-Level Gardens
  • Terrace Gardens
  • Park-Like Landscaping
  • And other customized designs

We ensure that every project is on time and code compliant. Hire our landscaping designers today to begin creating your garden anywhere in the city.

There are no plants that are bred specifically for nearby rooftops. However, there are a variety of plants that thrive from daily sun exposure.

Some are better suited for life above buildings, while others won’t last long. It also matters what the weather is like for your area, including wind speeds.

Areas that have a lot of windy weather will need shorter items for safety. We can install a lot of different plants, from ornamental species to drought-tolerant items as well.

From pergolas and arbors to butterfly gardens, we know how to build them all. Contact us today to begin constructing your custom garden in New York City.

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