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Commercial Snow Management

NYC Commercial Snow Management

Greener Gardens of NY, Inc is among the leading names when it comes to NYC Commercial Snow Management. With our years of works and trustworthy service, we have won the hearts of clients all over this city.

We have both the manpower and the expertise to assist you whether you only have one site or many locations spread out over the area. Our clients are our topmost priority, and here you can get your very own customized service that works for both you and us! Be it one small area or a huge contract, we pay the same attention to each client’s requests.

Don’t just fall for the words, try us this winter and enjoy a service that would keep you coming back for more!


Using worn, old equipment would only create hassles for both you and us, and we prefer not to. Hence, our equipment is frequently checked and updated to provide our clients with fast and smooth services. We use only the latest technologies to keep your properties clean and you stress-free.


Need the snow removed or ploughed from your property? Just give us a call! Be it 4 in the morning or the afternoon, our call center is open for you 24/7. We provide emergency snow management services to ensure that your property stays clear and accessible.


You know what’s more stressful than having your entire yard covered with snow? It’s a snow management service that exploits you for money. The case with us is the complete opposite. After inspecting your property, we give you a clear and concise estimated budget that almost never goes beyond your affordability!

The Essentials of Commercial Snow Management

For businesses, the onslaught of winter weather can present a myriad of challenges. Snow and ice accumulation can obstruct access, pose safety hazards, and hinder operations. Commercial snow management is crucial in ensuring that businesses can operate seamlessly during these times. Here’s a comprehensive look at commercial snow management:

Why Commercial Snow Management is Essential:

  • Safety: Accumulated snow and ice can lead to slip and fall accidents, posing risks to both employees and visitors.
  • Access: Ensuring that parking lots, walkways, and entrances are clear allows businesses to continue operating despite adverse weather conditions.
  • Compliance: Many locations have regulations and standards requiring properties to clear snow within a certain timeframe.
  • Business Continuity: By preventing disruptions, businesses can ensure that they continue to serve their customers and meet their needs even during winter storms.

Key Components of Commercial Snow Management:

Snow Plowing

Utilizing trucks fitted with plow blades to clear snow from parking lots, driveways, and access roads.

Sidewalk Clearing

Teams dedicated to keeping sidewalks and walkways free from snow, ensuring safe pedestrian movement.

Salting and Sanding

Application of salt or sand to melt ice and provide traction on slippery surfaces.

Ice Management Services

Specialized teams and equipment to tackle ice accumulation, minimizing slip hazards.

Selecting the Right Partner

  • Experience:
    Opt for a company with a track record in managing winter weather challenges.

  • Crew and Equipment:
    Ensure they have the necessary manpower and machinery to tackle both snow and ice.

  • Communication:
    An effective partner will provide timely updates on storms, their potential impact, and the work being done to mitigate risks.

  • Pricing:
    Understand the pricing structure, whether it’s per event, per inch of snowfall, or a seasonal agreement.

  • Customization:
    The company should be able to tailor their services based on the specific needs and layout of your location.

Considerations for Businesses

Planning Ahead

Before the snow season begins, establish a clear plan detailing the areas that need clearing, the priority of each area, and the acceptable amount of snow accumulation before removal services are triggered.

Risk and Liability

Effective snow and ice management can reduce the risk of accidents and, by extension, the potential liability for the business.


Some companies use advanced technology for forecasting and real-time communication, providing businesses with essential updates about impending weather events and service plans.

Commercial Snow Management NYC

In Conclusion:

Commercial snow management is not just about removing snow but ensuring that businesses can function safely and efficiently throughout the winter season. By partnering with a reputable company, businesses can alleviate the stress and hazards associated with winter storms and focus on their core operations. Whether you’re a property manager overseeing multiple sites or a business owner with a single location, having a reliable snow management partner is invaluable.

Get in Touch

We don’t compete with the other snow management companies, we compete with the weather itself! That’s why we always stay in touch with meteorologists to stay one step ahead of the weather. Knowing the weather conditions at all times helps us to ensure you the best possible service, and to be there for our clients just when they need us.

It’s not an easy task to evenly clean a space during savage weather conditions, especially during and after blizzards. The snow can either melt or refreeze even before you’ve had a chance to treat them right. Every client service is different, and we at Greener Gardens of NY consider all these situations and find out the best way to manage the snow on your property.

These are what set us apart from all the companies offering NYC commercial snow management, but we take our greatest pride in the customer reviews we have got earlier. Our loyal customer base has been our inspiration to do better with each service and to provide the people of NYC with smoother, faster, affordable and user-friendly snow management.