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While you can find many roof decks, New York City needs experienced builders for better results. Hire Greener Gardens of New York, Inc. for your project now.

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Roof Decks NYC: Build a New Rooftop Garden with Our Designers

When choosing a rooftop deck construction company, you need to find a reliable contractor. That is why local area residents and business owners prefer our designs.

Greener Gardens of New York, Inc. creates the best rooftop decks. New York City buildings have had successful improvements with our help for over 30 years and counting.

See why we are your trusted name for roof decks since 1982. Contact us now and begin creating your new rooftop garden.

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What to Consider Before Building Roof Decks in New York City

While it may feel like a straightforward process, your deck has many considerations. They include maintenance and upkeep, irrigation and drainage, and support concerns.

Installing gravel, soil, turf, and potted plants also adds a lot of weight. Plus, if a roof isn’t in good condition, it could eventually collapse.

To add, not all plants are meant for every yard, and some can’t take direct sunlight. Severe wind, rain, and other weather patterns can also cause hazards.

When in doubt, it’s always best to discuss your project with us. Contact our experienced roof builders today and start your design process.


Not everyone, especially transplants, have heard of roof decks. Commonly found in New York, and they have been installed for years throughout many different neighborhoods.

Simply put, these practical outdoor spaces offer somewhere for people to be outdoors. They can include patio furniture, brick pavers, plants, and other options.

Some people use them to serve as a garden, while others prefer harder surfaces. No matter your preferences, you can have a relaxing deck space nearly anywhere.

Unfortunately, older buildings aren’t always good candidates for having these spaces installed. Make sure you have yours designed the right way with our experienced contractors.

While there are architectural concerns, roof decks are still highly versatile. A sturdy roofline offers enough support for many years of use.

They can also be built for both residential and commercial buildings. The only question is how practical is it to have all of your features installed?

Thankfully, our team has over three decades of experience in creating the best decks. Contact us now to improve any property throughout the city, such as:

  • Townhouses
  • Apartments
  • Duplexes and Co-Ops
  • Condominiums
  • Community Gardens
  • Outdoor Living Rooms
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Terraces
  • Single-Family Homes
  • Park-Like Roof Decks

Some people may attempt roof decks as a DIY project, but we’re confident that you’re going to need us. Put our many years of designing to good use in creating your favorite outdoor areas.

We know how hard it can feel to find a local company you can trust. Our family-owned and operated business always operates with you in mind.

You can rely on us for amazing designs, building services, and custom features. No matter the dimensions of your roof, we have a deck for you.

We have installed decking, yards, and gardens throughout the city across many buildings. Wherever you need to unwind every day, we’re here for you.

We provide deck builders throughout the community to ensure everyone finds their oasis. Call us today to see the difference our experienced designers can make.

A deck isn’t only somewhere for you to sit outside. It can be where you collect your thoughts or spend time with your friends and family.  Entertain guests, set up a living room, or maybe even a cooking space. From BBQ grill patios to rooftop gardens, we design them all.  Find some peace and alone time or enjoy music and conversation with others. We make it simple to enjoy the decks you desire.  Create your new roof decks with our experienced builders. Hire Greener Gardens of New York, Inc.
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