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Commercial Landscaping Company NYC

Choose from the best commercial landscaping company NYC has to offer. Greener Gardens of New York, Inc. has been creating the best gardens since 1982.

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Commercial Landscaping Company NYC

Commercial Landscaping Company NYC and Beyond

When looking for a commercial landscaping company, NYC has unique challenges. Without an experienced contractor on your side, mistakes can happen often.

Unfortunately, you rarely have a second chance to make a first impression. When you need your building to attract customers, a little greenery goes a long way.

Greener Gardens of New York, Inc. creates custom gardens throughout New York City. Whether you operate at the ground level or in taller buildings, we can help.

Choose from any of our recent blueprints or tell us your preferred design. We can create your favorite garden areas that will suit any commercial space.

A Commercial Landscaping Company NYC Business Owners Love

With so many design options, gardens are quite popular in New York City. You can select from a variety of unique plants, materials, and accessories.

Residents and local businesses can both drastically improve their outdoor areas with landscaping services. A few minor improvements can significantly change the look and feel of your yard.

Whether you need quiet places to reflect or to promote teamwork, we can help. Begin designing your commercial landscaping areas with our experienced builders for options such as:

Whatever is missing from your building’s outdoor area, we’ll install them all quickly. Improve your garden spaces with our experienced designers and affordable construction services.


The right mix of landscaping offers many benefits for your business. Plants and flowers also attract customers by helping you stand out naturally.

Once they notice your store, their mood can improve before they enter. Studies suggest plants and their oils can improve your mental health.

Plants take in carbon dioxide, so they provide fresh air for us, even downtown. Both your staff and your customers will appreciate breathing cleaner air.

If for no other reason, commercial landscaping also improves your resale value. Contact us now to enhance your business with our local contractors.

Will you use the space for entertaining, relaxing, or for other activities? When you need elbow space or intend on exercising, you need short plants and hardscaping.  

A good rooftop garden is one that you never want to leave. No matter your design preferences, we can bring them all to life.

Probably the most important factor in designing your landscaping project is the continuous maintenance costs. Some plants seem hands-off, while others are challenging to keep healthy.

Rooftop gardens get direct sunlight and strong wind, as well as hail and storms. You may need to choose plants that can withstand severe weather.

Staff areas should allow for things such as furniture and hardscaping. Pedestrian areas, on the other hand, need hearty plants and ample room for walking.

No matter your commercial landscaping needs, we have practical designs ready now. Contact us today to begin creating your company’s new garden areas.

Commercial landscaping in New York City is a challenging process. It includes architectural concerns, horticulture skills, and design experience to get it right.

Not every commercial landscaping company in NYC has the skills that you can trust. We represent over 30 years of experience in creating urban gardens.

We install green spaces at the ground level and on rooftops. Wherever you need to enhance the outdoors, we’re here for you.

You can choose from a wide range of past designs or submit your own. Contact us now to start creating a gorgeous yard for your commercial building.

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Your brand deserves the best commercial landscaping company NYC has to offer. Our family-owned business has been your trusted designer since 1982.

From lush and vibrant plants to drought-tolerant designs, we offer them all. You can count on us for your gardens, yards, terraces, and patios.

Enjoy your building’s view or enjoy your lunch outside of the office. Whatever you need from your new garden, we build them all.

Start designing your company’s outdoor areas with our builders. Call Greener Gardens of New York, Inc. today.